Letterboxing Projects

What is Letterboxing all about?

Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby which could be compared to an open air treasure hunt. It is an ancient pastime which began when a man left his business card in glass jar on the moors of Dartmoor in south Devon, England. Now Letterboxers hide a small weatherproof box with a rubber stamp in publicly accessible places and post clues to its location. Traditionally, the clues are left in known letterboxes, but also on the Internet. A wide variety of adventures can be found to suit all ages and experience levels. Click on the links below to explore this fast-growing hobby. Interest in letterboxing in the United States is generally considered to have started with a feature article in the [April 1998] Smithsonian Magazine.

United States

Letterboxing USA - 1605 clues online in 50 states and 6 countries.

Randolph and Braintree Letterboxes - The towns of Randolph and Braintree are situated in the center of Vermont. Here is a listing of their Letterboxes.

The Perfect Circle Letterboxing Guild - What is Letterboxing.

The Conneticut Letterboxing Club -

Paper Dance - Learn about letterboxing stamps.

Todd and Pam's Letterboxing Page - Clues to Letterboxes in several states.

KANCAMANGUSDABULL'S - "A site devoted to the infectious hobby of Letterboxing."

United Kingdom

About Letterboxing - Tells the history of letterboxing, how it started.

What is Letterboxing -

Official Letterboxing Site -

Dartmoor Letterboxing Site - the history of Dartmoor letterboxing

Childe's Tomb - Site of a letterbox still to be found.

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