GPS Companies

Garmin - GARMIN International is another industry leader in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Check the outdoor products. Also check out their What is GPS page - at the bottom are two manuals about GPS that can be downloaded.

Magellan - Great units to use with school projects especially the Meridian Gold. In 1988, Magellan introduced the first hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. Since then, we've guided more than a million people on adventures all over the world.

Trimble - The breadth of Trimble's product line is represented in this guide. It provides details about every one of Trimble's current products, which are organized in sections according to application.

Lowrance - Lowrance GPS products are GPS receivers. These products gather data from a satellite and display your location on a screen.

Wherify Wireless, Inc. (formerly World Tracking Technologies) is a privately-held developer of patented wireless location products and services. Our products and services are used specifically for child safety, parental supervision, personal protection, Alzheimer and memory loss supervision, law enforcement, animal identification and property asset tracking markets.

MotionBased is a web application that translates GPS data into functional analysis and online mapping for endurance and outdoor athletes. They focus in on the Garmin Forerunner GPS units.

TravelByGps.Com - The purpose of this web site is to provide free recreational GPS data. In addition to waypoints, routes and tracks, you will find photos and articles describing these unique travel adventures. The permanence of this site is built on useful and reliable data from GPS enthusiasts from around the world. A variety of resources for contributing map authors are also provided.

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