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Illinois Language Arts
State Standard
#1 - Reading

STATE GOAL 1: Read with understanding and fluency.

Why This Goal Is Important: Reading is essential. It is the process by which people gain information and ideas from books, newspapers, manuals, letters, contracts, advertisements and a host of other materials. Using strategies for constructing meaning before, during and after reading will help students connect what they read now with what they have learned in the past. Students who read well and widely build a strong foundation for learning in all areas of life.

Illinois Language Arts Standards covered below --> ( 1A & 1C)

Learning Standard
1A. Apply word analysis and vocabulary skills to comprehend selections.
Early Elementary
1.A.1a Apply word analysis skills (e.g., phonics, word patterns) to recognize new words.
Late High School
1.A.5a Identify and analyze new terminology applying knowledge of word origins and derivations in a variety of practical settings.
Late High School
1.A.5b Analyze the meaning of abstract concepts and the effects of particular word and phrase choices.
Learning Standard
1C. Comprehend a broad range of reading materials.
Early Elementary
1.C.1f Use information presented in simple tables, maps and charts to form an interpretation.
Late Elementary
1.C.2f Connect information presented in tables, maps and charts to printed or electronic text.
Middle & Junior
High School
1.C.3f Interpret tables that display textual information and data in visual formats.
Early High School
1.C.4f Interpret tables, graphs and maps in conjunction with related text.
Late High School
1.C.5b Analyze and defend an interpretation of text. 1.C.5c
Late High School
1.C.5c Critically evaluate information from multiple sources.
Late High School
1.C.5d Summarize and make generalizations from content and relate them to the purpose of the material.
Late High School
1.C.5f Use tables, graphs and maps to challenge arguments, defend conclusions and persuade others.

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