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Have GPS Will Travel Class

Experience the ultimate introductory level GPS hands-on workshop for formal and non-formal educators. This class is for all grade 3rd - 16 formal and non-formal educators who wish to learn what GPS is and how to use it as a tool with their students in the classroom. Teachers will learn what GPS is, how to work with a GPS unit, initialize it, program it, collect data, enter data, clear data and how it is used in the real world and why it is important in education. Topics include Geocaching, Confluence and Scavenger Hunts will be covered and experienced in the class. Also what is possible with GPS data will be explored and demonstrated in terms of mapping with Google Earth.

The unique twist to this class will be the use of ecocache sites that let you experience science, history and nature in action – its landscapes, its formations, its geology or the visible features that have an ancient story to tell. An ecocache is a special place that people can visit to learn about a unique feature or aspect of the area in terms of science. Each ecocache will include a set of educational notes and the details about where to find the location (latitude and longitude). Visitors to the local ecocaches will be able to see how our planet has been shaped by geological processes, how the museum manages the resources and how scientists gather evidence to learn about the Earth. Also learn how ecocaches can be used to explore, learn and teach about your community and other local features.

Participants will also have the chance to try out different types of GPS units. No prior GPS or computer experience is necessary. GPS units will be provided for use.
We are now using Garmin GPS 60 units in all our classes!

Event Dates: Your dates - 2009 This class is usually done in 3 days
Early Arrival: 8:30 am – coffee & rolls
Start Time: 9:00 am
Conclusion Time: 3:00 pm
Your Location!
Instructors: Edward Gorny, Nancy Gorny, Denis Kazelas & Carol Przyzycki

Your Group and the

Cost: $150.00 – includes all materials, all software and use of equipment
CPDU's 15 in all
College Credit:
$80.00 - for one hour of graduate workshop credit through Quincy University - forms will be available the first day of class.
Registration Limit: 50 max
Register by: Registrations forms ASAP to reserve a place
registration will be first come first served
Target Audience:
All 3 - 16 formal and non-formal educators and school technology coordinators, who want to support students by exploring the world with cutting edge technology.
Local Hotels List of suggested hotels - click here for the .pdf
Questions? Contact: Edward Gorny, egorny@gis2gps.com
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Tri-Fold Flyer - we will create one for you!
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