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“Hands On Introduction to GPS”

This is a hands-on introduction to GPS is for all grade 3 - 12 educators and designed for those who wish to learn what GPS is about. Teachers will learn what GPS is as well as having a chance to go out in the field with an unit. Hands-on activities, introductory materials and a GPS unit to try out will be provided. No prior GPS experience is necessary.
Event Date: Your Date
Location: Your School
Subject: Your Hands On Introduction to the Global Positioning System
Time: 3 or 4 hours - based on your specific interests
Instructors: GIS2GPS Team - one instructor to eight staff members

Your School District

CPDU's: 3 or 4 CPDUs based on the time of the session
Registration Limit: 24 max – each person will have a GPS unit to try out
Target Audience:
All grade 3 - 12 educators and school technology coordinators, who want to support students by exploring the world with cutting edge technology.
Questions? Contact: GIS2GPS Team,

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