GIS + GPS = Illinois State Standards

Illinois Language Arts
State Standards

The following information should be helpful to exploring the relationships to GIS, GPS and the state standards.

Why These Goals Are Important: Understanding culture is integral to learning and understanding a language. This goal emphasizes not only the process of learning about the country and its culture, but also the fact that language and culture are inseparable. Through a range of materials in print and other media, students gain a richer understanding of both culture and language. Culture consists mainly of language, literature, fine arts, media, history and geography related to various peoples in the world. Students need to develop an understanding of how customs and traditions are shaped by speakers of language and how that language reflects those customs and traditions.

Read with understanding and fluency.
Write to communicate for a variety of purposes.
Listen and speak effectively in a variety of situations.
Use the language arts to acquire, assess and communicate information.

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