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NEW - 2004

Wisconsin County Web Mapping Sites - Many county governments in Wisconsin (over 60%) are developing web mapping sites. This web site provides a means to access those that are available to the public and to track sites in development.

WISCONSIN VIEW - Under a cooperative initiative called WisconsinView, led by the UW-Madison Environmental Remote Sensing Center (ERSC) in partnership with the State Cartographer's Office (SCO), WisconsinView is online! It is part of a national program called AmericaView, which is funded by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Chronic Wasting Disease Status Maps - WDNR.

WDNR - Wiscland Landcover Viewer, DNR "WebView" is an interactive online map viewer. Using your Web browser, you can access and display a subset of Geographic Information System (GIS) data available at the DNR.

Chippewa County Geographic Information Web Server

Scott County GIS-A great example of an interactive GIS page.

Wisconsin Geologic History and Points of Interest - Great set of links to Wisconsin Facts


Wisconsin DNR "WebView" is an interactive online map viewer. Using your Web browser, you can access and display a subset of Geographic Information System (GIS) data available at the DNR.

DNR-Managed Lands Web Mapping Website: This is a good example of a web mapping application that is customized to meet DNR program-specific needs for data presentation.

Lists of Interactive Web Mapping Applications. You can browse web sites that use web mapping by clicking on the links.

Wisconsin DNR Groundwater Use Restriction.

Ice Age Trail MapObjects Server.

Wisconsin DNR Dam Safety Program.

Wisconsin DNR - Floodplain Management Program - Floodplain Analysis Database.

Wisconsin Legislative Technology Service Bureau.

Wisconsin Interactive Map Server. The Wisconsin Internet Map Server (WIMS) is an internet-based GIS application. It displays maps with which you may zoom in, pan around, find and identify geographic features, and locate addresses. The maps are based on layers of geographic information which may be turned on or off as needed. WIMS also has a print feature that enables the user to add a title to the map and print it easily.

UW-Madison Applied Population Laboratory WISSTAT

UW-Madison Botany Department BioMapper ArcIMS Server - interactive maps of the Wisconsin State Herbarium's plant specimen collection database with state biological information provided by the Wisconsin DNR.

The Geospatial Data Gateway provides One Stop Shopping for natural resources or environmental data at anytime, from anywhere, to anyone. The Gateway allows you to choose your area of interest, browse and select data from our catalog, customize the format, and have it downloaded or shipped on CD.

2003 Sites

SCO, Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office. The Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office (SCO) gathers, maintains and disseminates information about mapping and geo-spatial data in the state.

WISCLINC, The Wisconsin Land Information Clearinghouse (WISCLINC) is a gateway to geospatial data and metadata, related land and reference information, and the Wisconsin agencies which produce or maintain these items.

ENGRWISEDU, Paving the way: Faculty, students and contractor collaborate on satellite system to improve future roads.

GeographyWiscEdu, Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

WDNR, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. An interactive GIS map application.

University of Wisconsin - Madison, GIS Background Information and Select Resources.

Map Milwaukee, An interactive GIS map application for the city of Milwaukee.

Neptune's Cove, A GPS listing of ship wrecks along and in Wisconsin.

Beaver Creek Deer Research, In order to find out the vegetation types preferred by deer in their habitat, the signs of deer activity (namely trails) in the woods were recorded using GPS. This research was performed at the Beaver Creek Field Research Station in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. Through the research performed at the Field Station, it was found that the deer preferred the areas of land dominated by oak, pine, and maple vegetation.

WISCOMP, We have recently deployed WISCOMP, the WISconsin Commerce Online Mapping Project. WISCOMP evolved from the development of BLIS, the Brownfields Location Information System. The WISCOMP concept is to provide a framework for faster deployment of Commerce Internet mapping applications. WISCOMP and BLIS are based on the Environmental Systems Research Institute.

Wisconsin GIS & Data Web Resources, Some Wisconsin GIS & Data Web Resources by the School of Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin - Madison.

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