Topographic Map Resources

Great Places to Get Maps

Need a topographic map for you projects? Below are some links that have very up to date maps for any place in the USA. You might need to move around a little on the maps to get the exact area you are dealing with, but the results are worth it. Both sites have a "Print" function that give you a very good working map to use with you project.

Welcome to MAPTECH MapServer.
Enter a place name, select a state and click "GO" to get a map of your project area or any other area.

Welcome to TopoZone.
The TopoZone is the Web's center for topographic map users and outdoor recreation enthusiasts. We've worked with the USGS to create the Web's first interactive topo map of the entire United States. If you're looking for maps that don't leave big blank spaces between the highways, welcome!

Related Links

Color Landform Atlas - Need an excellent shaded relief map of any state for you project? Then you need to check out this site. Use the following link instead of the "Cathy's Smith's Climate Page" for the Interactive Exercise.

NOOA National Data Center - Topographic data are valuable for many scientific, technical, and other applications. Examples include modeling climate, water runoff, minimum safe aircraft flight altitudes, vacation planning, and even for generating musical compositions. Even when not used directly in a study, topographic data are often used in preparing visualization tools.

NASA's Visible Earth - A searchable directory of images, visualizations, and animations of the earth. One very powerful image is the world at night. Click on Earth's City Lights to see the lights of the whole world at night.

MapMachine - National Geographic.Com - Nice dynamic map, atlas maps and additional info about GIS.

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