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New - Feb. 2004

FCAE - The Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education project is supported with funds from an identified Agricultural Education line item within the ISBE budget. Project staff includes a coordinator and five district professional staff charged with improving education in and about agriculture, kindergarten through adult levels.

NEW - Market Maker - An interactive mapping system that locates businesses and markets of agricultural products in Illinois, providing an important link between producers and consumers.

Land Cover of Illinois Statistical Summary 1999-2000 - This site provides access to statistical data compiled from the Land Cover of Illinois 1999-2000

Welcome to the Illinois Agricultural Statistics Service website. We are a joint Federal-State
office - a field office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service, United States Department of Agriculture and The Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, Illinois Department of Agriculture.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture will be an advocate for Illinois’ agricultural industry and provide the necessary regulatory functions to benefit consumers, agricultural industry, and our natural resources. The agency will strive to promote agri-business in Illinois and throughout the world.

Welcome to the NEW Illinois Farm Bureau® & Affiliated Companies Youth Education Program Internet Site. The mission of the Youth Education Program is to provide unique educational programs to Illinois Youth who have a connection to or are pursuing a connection to agriculture, in the effort to "Develop Tomorrow's Agricultural Leaders

National Agricultural Statistics Service providing timely, accurate, and useful statistics in service to U. S. agriculture.

GPS Receivers & Farming - Farm Tech Trek

Farm Tech Trek - GPS Activity - Students will read the background information about Geographic
Information Systems and Global Positions Systems. After reviewing the background information, students will read the story about a boy named David who attached a GPS receiver to his bicycle as he mapped a bike route around his farm and discuss the following question: What ways do farmers use GPS?

The National 4-H GIS GPS Technology Programs -
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are two exciting technologies that we can use in 4-H. We are collaborating with a number of partners to create exciting opportunities that will enhance your skills and programs!

Welcome to!
- Our goal is to improve farm efficiency and profitability through providing a comprehensive, integrated, farm and resource management decision support system. Use to access site-specific information and customizable decision tools that reflect your farm's individual characteristics.

Agriculture in the Classroom web site is sponsored by the USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, Extension Service Agriculture in the Classroom Program, and Higher Education Programs and is managed through a cooperative agreement with Utah State University.

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