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ESRI - Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc

This site is an excellent resource for several topics, links, articles, projects and software. The following links are just some of the key resources that are available at ESRI.

Check out all the links you come across!

ESRI's Main Page Check it out! This site is changing all the time. It covers education, business, and the real world right down to television.

New Educaional Site: Welcome to the ESRI Education Community - a living environment for the exchange of ideas and experiences, curriculum, software, and data between GIS educators around the globe.

ESRI's Main Education Page  Main education page with a great set of links and information.

Community Atlas - ESRI's U.S. Community Atlas is a project in which teachers and students across the country define the nature of "their community" and post descriptions and maps about it. These presentations are combined on the web server and can be searched by characteristic and explored for similarities and differences. Examples.

Canada's ESRI's Main Page Another source of GIS information from GIS. Besides the main page, the Education Page has several links to projects etc that are happening in Canada's school.

ESRI Software Link - Main Page to GIS Software and additional information for k-12 education.

ESRI Site- Arc Explorer/AEJEE ArcLessons is a resource for you to share LessonPacks for using GIS in the classroom. You can browse a list of lessons by category or use the search tools to find lessons in your area of interest. You also can contribute your LessonPacks to ArcLessons for other educators to use.

ESRI Site- Link to free materials and site to request free materials from ESRI.

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